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Jounce 2.0.2 Tutorial on CRUD w/WCF RIa Services

Mar 15, 2012 at 1:48 PM

Any Senior Developer Or Master developer( incl Jeremy) using Jounce,

I am a junior developer that is wants to learn the elegance and simplicity of 'All" the functionality built into JOUNCE. I have perused the 3 quickstarts and I want to learn more.

I looking for a Jounce 2.0. tutorial on CRUD with WCF RIA services that uses any of the sample database available, (eg NWind, Adventureworks, School, Contoso etc.) . The tutorial will hopefully include LogIn/authentication, Master/Detail(child windows) features, and Admin/user functionality. 

If one such example does not exist, I am willing and eager (Under the guidance and  tutelage of a senior or Master) to develop one for public use on this site for future fans of Jounce.

The last option is for me to pay a master/senior a modest amount to teach me to develop this, I am currently unemployed and cannot pay much but I am willing and dorecognize the value of time and contribute something for the effort. Please contact me on the best way to proceed. Thanks


Hari Iyer


Mar 15, 2012 at 2:43 PM

I will have a full example shortly. I had to write one for my book. It is an application that runs both in the web and OOB, synchronizes with a database using Sterling, has WCF RIA services enabled, includes touch support, etc. Once the book is released the code should be public domain and I can post a link to it. Working with my publisher now to see if I can release it earlier.