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Project Description
Jounce is a framework for Silverlight intended to provide basic building bocks for modular line of business applications that follow the MVVM pattern and MEF.

Jounce is inspired by existing frameworks you are encouraged to explore, including Prism and Caliburn.Micro. Jounce specifically provides MVVM components using MEF and is based on the authors' experience building enterprise line of business modular Silverlight applications.

Watch the Getting Started video.

Case studies of existing applications that inspired Jounce or have used Jounce in part or whole include:

You can learn about writing enterprise applications using Jounce in my book Designing Silverlight Business Applications

Jounce in French

A detailed, 110-page paper written about Jounce in French here

Jounce Quick Facts
  • 100KB DLL
  • Design-time and Blend friendly
  • Takes a default-shared approach to MVVM artifacts
  • Provides minimal scaffolding for view model binding, visual state management, dynamic XAP loading, commanding, asynchronous workflows and more
  • Lightweight, flexible, and extensible

Get Started Now

Be sure to visit the Jounce 2.0 page to download the latest Jounce. You can grab the binaries, full source, or learn how to install from NuGet.

Full Documentation

Jounce is well-documented with quickstart projects to demonstrate just about any combination of features. I am not currently showing RIA Services integration but it is on the roadmap. Just click this Documentation link to access it and feel free to reply with any feedback you have for areas that should be covered.

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