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Visual State Aggregator

The purpose of the VisualStateAggregator is to allow coordination of transitions between multiple controls without having to involve code-behind or view models.

If you aren't familiar with the Visual State Manager (VSM) it's a powerful way to abstract states and transitions for UI elements away from the actual details of how those states/transitions are done. Jounce provides a mechanism for view models to transition to states. The Visual State Aggregator, however, allows you to trigger a state change using any event (via the VisualStateAggregatorTrigger) and then multiple controls can respond.

A simple example would be two pages you want to transition between. You can set up a region via Region Management as a Grid and target the region with two views. Give each view a view state, then use a trigger attached to your navigation (i.e. maybe it's clicking on a particular button) and bind it to a common event. When the button is clicked on View A, it can fire an event for View A to fade and View B to zoom in. Conversely, when a button is clicked on View B, it can fire an event to View B to zoom out and View A to fade in. All of this can be done entirely in the UI layer. Even the navigation doesn't require anything more than a Navigation Trigger. This is true separation of concerns!

For more comprehensive documentation with a full example, read Introducing the Visual State Aggregator.

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