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I've provided a few quickstarts to help you get familiar with Jounce. The quickstart solution is below the root of the main Jounce solution.


This project, in conjunction with the misspelled DyanmicXapCalculatorAdvanced, demonstrates explicit Xap loading. The project provides a simple calculator that supports addition and subtraction, and an option to dynamically load the multiplication and division options.


This project shows how to use the BaseEntityViewModel for validation and Create/Read/Update/Delete operations with cancel/confirm.


This project demonstrates how to pass messages between modules and view models. It includes a trap for the unexpected error message that is published by Jounce when an unhandled error is encountered.


OK, so fluent sounds "cool" but this is really just runtime binding. This project shows an example of binding the view to the viewmodel at runtime using a bootstrapper instead of an export.


This example shows how to generate non-shared (i.e. multiple copies) views and view models.


The region management quickstart shows off many features. These include how region adapters automatically handle navigation and includes a custom adapter for tabbed controls.

See how the Visual State Manager can be invoked from your view model in one example that animates the view when it is opened and closed.

This project implements a custom ILogger that displays Jounce messages in realtime via a list box. It also supports a dynamic region that can be loaded with a click - in the code you'll see it looks the same as any other navigation, but has the added hint for Jounce to locate the Xap file it needs.


This example shows how to use Jounce with the existing navigation framework built into Silverlight.


This project illustrates a simple navigation example without using region management.


This project demonstrates navigation with a remembered "back stack" so hitting the back button reverses the flow as in a web application.


This project refactors the previous to use regions.


This project illustrates using Jounce in conjunction with the Silverlight Navigation framework.


This project demonstrates visual states, both using the VisualStateAggregator and programmatically transitioning states.


Workflows are very powerful sequential asynchronous operations. This project shows a workflow that performs computations in the background without blocking the UI using the background worker workflow object, along with other workflow objects that are part of Jounce.

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Why are the EntityViewModel, SimpleNavigationWithRegion and SilverlightNavigation projects not currently included in the download?