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Jounce specifically does not provide a dialog implementation. Why? Everyone else has one, right?

I've yet to be one two projects that consistently handle dialogs.

One project uses the MessageBox (even though it has major blocking issues). A lot of people like the ChildWindow. In many projects, however, the ChildWindow is not customizeable enough, so instead a special region is created as an "overlay" region and the dialogs are placed as regular user controls into that region.

If there is a compelling and flexible way to do this in Jounce, let me know and I'll be happy to implement it. For the most part, however, I find myself either going with a region that has an overlay and an items control to route dialogs (just using the region manager, and then a class that listens for views routed to the dialog area and turns the region on or off). I've been asked if the event aggregator is the way to go beacuse I gave an example of using that with Prism, but I prefer something far more simple, like this:

Simple Dialog Service

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ksunair Aug 1, 2011 at 2:43 PM 
I am not sure it is compelling, our project are all build using Jounce framework. Whenever we need to develop a new Wizard style pages we are stuck. We end up calling java script to load another XAP which will mimic simple Child Window control would do it. I would love to have Jounce support for ChildWindow/Dialog model.

latman Apr 12, 2011 at 2:02 PM 
HI Jeremy.

Wasn't sure if this is the correct place to add this comment; but here goes.

I have an implementation driving me crazy; I've created a 'Windows' type of system whereby the 'Application' is a xap. Now as you might expect I need a type of dialog, but not the ordinary kind and use the implementation of Infragistics XamDialogBox (which is a highly customised type of dialog box that under the covers has ContentControl as it's root framework element - I have a source license ver 10.3) Here I can set the Content to be any xaml I like and any indeed load a xap into it. Problem is I've been reacking my brain for 2 days to get it work and I'm just about to give up on Jounce as the project timeline is moving along. How can I do this in Jounce please!! A simple example would be wonderful as I've been hacking the quickstarts and trying to create all manner of fancy events to detect that the 'Application Window' in on the 'Desktop' and then dynamically load a xap into the content; keeps failing. Looking forward to your solution. Steve