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Basic View Models

The simplest view model derives from BaseNotify for Property Change Notification and implements IViewModel.

The basic view model will automatically import the Event Aggregator, the Logger, and the view model router (see Finding a View Model with the Router).

Some other services you will receive by deriving from BaseViewModel include:

Visual State Management - when Jounce binds a view to a view model, it will set a delegate on the view model for state transitions. To transition to state "CustomState" on your view using transitions, you will simply execute:

GoToVisualState("CustomState", true); 

If you bind multiple views to the same view model (Jounce has absolutely no problem with this) you can call:

GoToVisualStateForView(viewName, stateName, useTransitions);

Any views bound to the view model will be contained in the RegisteredViews list.

Design-time awareness - you can use Jounce to determine whether your view model is in the designer or not. For example, to wire sample data, you can use:

public class MyViewModel : BaseViewModel 
   public MyViewModel()
      if (InDesigner) 
          // design-time data wired here

You can then reference the view model as a design-time instance like this:

<Grid d:DataContext="{d:DesignInstance vm:MyViewModel,IsDesignTimeCreateable=True}">

Because Jounce manages the binding and activation of views and view models, the view model is aware of view events.

_Initialize() is called by the framework the first time a view model is created. Override this to spin up first-time data, call services, etc - anything necessary to set up the view model.

_Activate(string viewName) is called whenever a view is navigated to (see the Event Aggregator and Navigation). The view tag is passed in the case of multiple views being bound to the same view model.

_Deactivate(string viewName) is called whenever the view is navigated away from.

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