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Watch the Getting Started video.

Advanced users may want to start with the comprehensive Reference Application

Please click on one of the following topics to learn more. Please refer to the quick start samples included in the download and feel free to ask questions in the discussion board. I am also writing a blog series about Jounce and have a short screen cast demonstrating how to build a feed reader with Jounce.

Paper (in French) about Jounce

User's Guide

Getting Started
Event Aggregator
Visual State Aggregator
Property Change Notification
Basic View Models
Entity View Models
Registering a View Model
Finding a View Model with the Router
Registering a View
Binding View Models to Views
Creating a Non-Shared ViewModel
Creating a Non-Shared View
Design-time Data
Binding Views to Xap Files
Dynamic Xap Loading
Bootstrapping Modules
Region Management
Unit Testing

The Jounce Blog Series

1. Why?
2. Getting Started: Tagging and Binding
3. Basic Navigation
4. Region Management
5. Silverlight Navigation Framework
6. Visual States and Multiple Views per ViewModel
7. Validation and Save/Confirm/Cancel for C.R.U.D.
8. Raising Property Changed
9. Static and Dynamic Module Management
10. Visual State Manager
11. Debugging the Managed Extensibility Framework
12. Navigation with History-Based GoBack
13. Navigation Parameters
14. Non-shared Views and View Models
15. IWorkflow for Asynchronous Sequential Workflows

Personal Home Page with Jounce Series

1. Dynamic XAML
2. Enter the Matrix
3. Custom Panel and ListBox

Video Tutorial: RSS Feed Reader from Scratch with Jounce in 30 Minutes

Click Here to View

Miscellaneous Resources

Rik Robinson's Introduction to Jounce Slide Deck

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