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Silverlight Navigation

Oct 27, 2014 at 6:10 PM
I realize there some views of Silverlight Navigation (Deep Linking) is not the preferred way for an application to behave; however my team and I are faces with restoring “Browser Like” navigation so the browser back and forward buttons function and the users can bookmark a link directly to a product page or another type of UI in the system. I have downloaded, reviewed, and incorporated the guidance found in the Jounce 1.0 Sample projects for using Silverlight Navigation and the Deep Linking is now working.

Where I am having difficulty is once in the application all of my current navigation structure is using a Telerik RadMenu that is using Jounce Navigation from the ViewModel. The application seems to function as it did before I added the ability to Bookmark a Deep Link, but the browser “Back” and “Forward” buttons are not functioning correctly and the URI does not get updated with the Deep Link so the user can bookmark the page.
I did attempt to pull the functionality to a ViewModel since Jeremy indicated that it could be done.

I think this could all work if I had some way to update the browser Journal and keep the Jounce navigation framework. Has anyone out there successfully done this?

Thank you,