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ActivateView with dynamic loaded xap

Mar 13, 2012 at 5:20 AM

I have this sequence of events

  1. XAP1 loaded
    1. (XAP1)VM1.ActivateView gets called with viewName == "View1"
  2. XAP2 loaded
    1. (XAP2)VM2.ActivateView gets called
    2. (XAP1)VM1.DeactivateView gets called with viewName == "View1"
  3. Now I switch back to (XAP1)View1 but (XAP1)VM1.ActivateView does not get called

It seems that when XAP2 is loaded that ViewModelRouter.Views changes and IsValueCreated becomes false for VM1 but the loaded event for the view does not fire and so ActivateView is not called.

Should I see ActivateView get called when returning to (XAP1)View1 ? (my logic relies on it)

Thanks for any help