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Support for Localization/Globalization in JOUNCE

Sep 24, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Hi Jeremy,

When we think of Lorge LOB applications, Internalization support is very much a necessary candidate. Can you let me know if Localization/globalization support is present/can be easily plugged into JOUNCE?.

The primary things that i need to perform is

1) seperate localization text in to .resources file and place in a seperate XAP. say abc.xap will have a resource project like abc.en-US.xap.(this is done :) )

2) i would expect JOUNCE to automatically download abc.en-US.xap whenever abc.xap gets downloaded and associate the corresponding text to the controls in XAML. and also it should be available in the xaml code behind in Activate Method for Dynamic message localization/Messagebox display message. Whenever the culture changes the corresponding xap(say abc.en-GB.xap) should get downloaded and message should be triggered to all other xamls/usercontrols.

3) How Globalization of can be handled for datetime/currency objects inside of JOUNCE framework

It would be of great help if you can provide me an overview of how to achieve it? or will it be part of any sample application/JOUNCE framework itself.

Would be very nice if you can post an article on Globalization/localization support using JOUNCE so everyone can get benifitted.

Thanks in advance

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